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Ielts task 2 five points to write a conclusion

In uterine structure of horse-breeding center now use about 30 mares of a of the Bouquet, the considerable number produces them and in the making of affiliated breeding farms. of these bonitirovochny estimates ­, and in particular stallions, about superiority them over other horses of the making structure.

The main economic indicator of specialization of economy, the structure of products as its structure expresses economic relations of any agricultural enterprise with a national economy of the country is.

Along with formation of the line of of the Bouquet in Starozhilovsky plant work on a bookmark and development of uterine is continued. So far there are all bases to consider enough ­ and characterized by an originality of qualities nine groups of mares which can be considered already as families.

Then it will be organized a brood of all young horses on which komissionno taking into account results of a bonitirovka purpose of each horse is made. Thus the young growth is divided into the following categories: self-repair, breeding sale, export and sports sale, other realization.

It is known that horse breeding in our country carries out many-sided functions. Many horses are required for needs of agriculture, production of raw materials for the food, light and medical industry and other production appointments. In the last time demand for horses considerably increased from farms and country farms. Along with use of horses in agriculture, especially on service of animal husbandry, in the last time the need for them for export and sport sharply increased (mass, classical and international). Especially as on condition of an exit to world level, considering not uklonny increase in demand for cool horses around the world, this branch of a national economy is economically very effective.

Still absolutely not long ago human life could not be presented without horse who was occupied practically in all spheres of its activity. Having tamed this animal, the person at the beginning unconsciously, and then purposefully began to influence its evolution. But everything in the world is interconnected, and the horse, in turn also in a certain degree began to influence the person.

The second complex of pedigree was much wider. It selection to trakenensky, Anglo-and Arab- to mares, and also to rysisty Arab and thoroughbred breeds. Here also the of the stallions bearing blood of a roadster breed from a riding, Arab and Anglo- mares entered.

In Starozhilovsky horse-breeding center work on formation of the line — a thoroughbred stallion of Guniba in whom rather accurate qualities are already defined is begun. Two brothers — the Slate pencil and Gambit became the main in creation of the line. On a breeding farm of state farm of "Korobovo" for the purpose of creation of group work with posterity of a thoroughbred stallion of Daban. (1

Intereconomic communications are carried out on roads of regional and regional value. Intraeconomic communications are carried out on field and mezhselenny roads which during the autumn and spring period are in the worst condition.

Intensity of selection a kobylok in the making structure was maintained at the sufficient level, the size of differential ­ point of all seven selected signs made + 0,6 (on systems. Especially horses were selected on sports working capacity (+0,9 point, on color (+1,7 point and on expressiveness of desirable type (+0,7 point. For the fifth anniversary on one of signs the selection differential did not matter ­.

The new period of work by essential changes of structure of plant in which gradually began to in number already young, received during realization of planned cultivation, These horses possessed more leveled exterior, had development and rather high sports performance, they already came nearer to theoretical model of a horse of the revived.

The most part of young growth is subject to realization at the age of two years. However for economy it is more favorable to sell more developed horses, having made it at the end of summer or an early autumn, the period of the contents and growing of young growth before its realization (4-5 month provides mainly pasturable maintenance of horses in levada in not hot time of day. Periodically, 1-2 times a week all horses receive a small proyezdka under a saddle in field conditions and periodic work on a cord.