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For collecting on a forage of not grain part of a crop the combine is equipped with a grinder of PUN-5A and hook-on carts. At a desikation the crushed straw is scattered and plowed, as good organic fertilizer.

The problem of environmental protection became actual along with appearance of the person as his activity is impossible without influence and interaction with the nature. With development of science and equipment presently this problem rose more sharply.

Researches were conducted on an experimental site of an uchkhoz ''Grove'' of MIChGAU a laying of melkodelyanochny experiences with norm of seeding of 550 thousand vskhozhy seeds on hectare. A way of crops - wide-row (with row-spacings of 45 cm). Investigated five mid-season grades of soy of northern ecotype: Belgorod-48, Belgorod-143, Resident of Belgorod, Radiant and Oka. During researches phenological observations and biometric measurements were taken. After cleaning studied structure of the received crop.

Correct use of mineral fertilizers. Doses of mineral fertilizers pay off proceeding from security of soils with basic elements of food, the planned productivity and so on. The raised doses lead not only to decline in quality of the grown-up product, but also to hit of surplus of mineral substances in reservoirs;

For improvement of an ecological situation in an uchkhoza it is necessary to hold a number of events for improvement of a sanitary state: to liquidate dumps from the economy territory, to try to lower a dust content on roads by frequent waterings and so on in the summer.

Intensive technologies, mechanization and automation of production, electricity consumption growth, do necessary knowledge by workers, heads, experts, safe and healthy working conditions.